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Welcome to the Electron Metalworks Credit Program

Buy your next item from EMW sooner! Earn EMW Credits on your purchase. Here’s how it works:

 *  [Terms and Conditions Apply]

Any Questions?

How do I redeem EMW Credits?2019-05-17T09:00:52-08:00

EMW Credits can be applied to the purchase of any qualifying product during the check-out process. Under the Order Summary portion of the check-out process, simply select the EMW Credits option under the Coupons, Promo Codes & Rewards section, put in the dollar amount of EMW Credits, agree to the rules, click the Apply Credits button, wait for the page to refresh, and finally click the Place your Order button. Not able to apply EMW Credits? Please contact our Customer Support department

Where do I review my EMW Credits?2019-05-24T10:39:32-08:00

Simply login to your online EMW account. Under the ‘My Account’ page, click on the ‘EMW Credits’ tab to view your EMW Credits balance.

How soon after my first qualified purchase will my EMW Credits become active?2019-05-17T09:00:52-08:00

EMW Credits become available as soon a customer’s qualified order has shipped to them from the EMW warehouse.

Can I combine EMW Credits with other discounts?2019-05-17T09:00:52-08:00

EMW Credits can be combined with any other site discounts, coupons, Promo Codes, & shipping discounts. Read complete details on the EMW Credits Terms and Conditions page.

Do EMW Credits expire?2019-05-24T10:14:52-08:00

EMW Credits have no expiration date, but EMW reserves the right to change the EMW Credits program at any time without notice, including imposition of EMW Credits expiration dates.

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