We can convert real photographs to metal cut-outs.

We require a design fee of $250 up front for the artist to create a custom vector artwork from a photograph. We recommend first checking on Google images for simple ready-made vector files. Or commission an artist of your choosing who can supply us with the vector artwork to be quoted.

Unfortunately, we won’t know the cost of producing the actual piece from metal until we have a ready to cut vector artwork.

Our designer can convert just about any photo however, it must meet the following design criteria to be cut:

  • No floating pieces that will fall away
  • No features thinner than the material being cut (example 1/8″ min. thick line work in 1/8″ plate)
  • No cut lines thinner than the material being cut (example min. 1/8″ slots thickness in 1/8″ plate)
  • No holes smaller than the material being cut (example min. 1/8″ diameter holes in 1/8″ plate)

If the artwork is unusable, the designer will make suggestions for you at no extra cost.

Our talented team can handle the entire process for you. You can simply provide us with with your vision and design constraints such as size or budget. To do so we require a design fee up front which gives you dedicated time with one of our designers who can provide you with consultation and options before quoting and cutting the final piece from metal.

Let us know if you have any other questions – we’re happy to help!

See here for more example images. Photographed Silhouettes