• Our designers start the process with a blank canvas and nothing but an idea. The images are placed in all quadrants of a segmented sphere and are carefully merged to appeal to the eye from all angles.

    When you purchase this custom fire pit, you will be contacted by our team to discuss your vision. We will need to know what theme you had in mind, as well as all the necessary elements you’d hope to portray. There are limits to what can be cut from the steel and we do our best to balance the images for best impact and structural integrity. During the process you will be given rough drafts to make sure the designer’s ideas and yours align. A fully rendered version will be available to you before we do any cutting.

    The design process can take up to 1 month and processing times for manufacture can take 4-6 weeks. So please book in advance.

    Available in 30” or 37” spheres

    Discounts available on repeat designs.